Personality Macros

I thought it might be useful to provide you – my followers – with some objective measures of my personality. The deeply engrained traits which color the way I look at the world and react to it. Specifically I thought this would be useful as you think about the best ways to approach me and think about the best ways to harness my unique set of skills.


General – What This Page is For, What to Expect.

I was only half-joking withe the headline of this site being a case study in personal branding. The joking half relates to a lot of what I see happening on social media, where people seem to be cultivating a type of image / brand that doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. I’m not a fan of this type of branding – it’s fake and shallow. But there are some people who manage to be themselves, speak freely, and are willing to take whatever comes with it whether that’s good or bad. Undoubtedly the responses and feedback will be mixed since there is such a wide array of personalities, perspectives, etc out there. I admire this type of courage, even more so if the person exhibiting it is willing to take in the feedback and when they see fit use it to adjust their views. There isn’t much real benefit to be completely enamored with your own thoughts and beliefs.


Joining The BeyHive

I just watched Homecoming – I have decided to join the BeyHive officially. I don’t know if there is some type of application process, but if there is I plan to pursue admittance formally. What a performer and what an inspiration.