Principles – Ray Dalio

Dalio Autobiography – Part 1 


Principals – fundamental truths that serve as foundations for behavior. Should be used as the foundation for decision making. They allow you to make decisions faster and with more consistency, force you to have logic and to more easily explain your rationale to others. 


Poor Charlie’s Almanack – Charlie Munger

Charlie’s Approach and Tools

Multiple Mental Models – borrow from and stick together the analytical tools, methods, and formulas from such traditional disciplines as history, psychology, physiology, math, engineerings, biology, physics, chemistry, statistics, and economics. Only need to reach freshman in college level of proficiency in each field to get there. 


Striking Thoughts – Bruce Lee

Main message – keep one’s mind, attitude, and senses pliable and receptive, and, at the same time, develop the ability to think critically. The process of inquiry, debate, and practice would lead not only to knowledge of one’s physical strengths and weaknesses but to the discovery of basic truths that allow one to grow towards a state of harmonious unity of spirit, mind, and body.


Reality Is Not What It Seems – Carlo Rovelli

Milesians – decisive discovery was a different style of thinking, where the disciple no longer had to respect and follow the ideas of the master, but was free to build on the ideas without being afraid to discard or criticize the part that can be improved upon. Basis of scientific thinking. 

More – fun and creative web tools. I want to find more stuff like this, if you know of any send me a note!

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