Story Of Philosophy – Will Durant

A posteriori – reasoning from observed facts to general conclusions

A priori – reasoning from general propositions to particular conclusions

Behaviorist – one who restricts psychology to objective observation, ignoring introspection and consciousness


Zero To One – Peter Thiel

Easier to copy a model than to do something new.

The act of creation is singular and is the result of something fresh and strange. 
Today’s best practices lead to dead ends; the best paths are new and untried. 

Technology allows us to do more with less, taking our fundamental capabilities up another level. We are the only animals that are able to invent new things and better ways of building them. 


Winners Take All – Anand Giridharadas

Just finished this book, and wanted to take some notes. Overall I thought it was great – very captivating and gave me a lot to think about as well. Obviously it had a particular view on the subject, which I found to be persuasive. The fundamental questions for me coming from it are,

  1. Are systematic changes possible in this world given how far we have gone with capitalism?
  2. If we agree that the system should be changed, and that it is possible to change it, what is the best way? He argues through government and institutions versus the continuation of private sector solutions.
  3. If you don’t really believe that any real change is coming, at least in your remaining years, is it foolish to continue to push for the systematic changes versus accepting this as the way it is? This is where I’m at.