The Tao of Power – Lao Tzu

Created for individuals who are in a position to guide others – princes, politicians, employers, and educators. 

Discover who you are – do not rely on ideologies. 

Learn to cultivate and trust your intuition. 

Learn to achieve your ends without means, by cultivating a strong vision of the way things must naturally resolve themselves. 

Practice simplicity. Continue to grow. 

Learn and be guided by the laws of nature. Understand the way matter and energy function in the universe (Tao). The physical laws of the universe directly affect the ways that individuals tend to behave and societies tend to evolve. Understanding this tendency and harnessing it from the perspective of leadership gives one power (Te). 

Balance extremes versus causing them. 

Constant awareness in the patterns of nature will bring us insights into the parallel patterns in human behavior. Nothing is ever fixed.

People who achieve personal power have two major changes in their lives: 1. They experience a rise in intellectual independence, they allow themselves to evolve. 2. They move towards simplicity. The absence of things brings freedom to the individual and meaning to life. Fixations and desires create a crisis in the mind. 

Powerful figures never show their strength. They influence others with the force of their example and attitude. 

Developing an awareness of the laws of human nature, especially as they manifest themselves in human culture, is a major component of personal growth and evolution. 

The brain accepts information from all stimuli, and the mind then processes in the form of emotional responses, intuitive feelings, and logically formulated analysis. 

The left side of the brain controls the logical functions, which are emphasized in the western philosophies and cultures. Measuring, analyzing meaning, and categorizing. 

Intuition is a right side of the brain function. Flow and directing flow, more emphasized in eastern philosophies. Mood, change, and possibility. Spatially oriented. Shift the angle in which you look at a problem. Instinct and intuition. 

If you can take perspective from both sides of your mind you should be able to see things with more clarity. Universal mind. 

We know much more about reality – past, present, and future – than we are able to understand and express rationally. Must be able to translate all of our experiences from personal to worldly to the objective and universal. 

The act of describing your life in universal terms trains the mind to recognize these patterns, and by recognizing the natural cycle of events, you will begin to apprehend the future. Your experiences can be translated into nature via metaphor. 

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