Where Do You Get Your Information?

I try to keep tabs on what I’m reading, watching, and listening to because I know that those inputs have a pretty significant impact on my perspective. I want to make sure I am getting enough variety where I don’t become a blowhard ideologue, in any direction. I have no idea where I just pulled that terminology btw. That’s the point – I no longer am under the illusion that I am the original source of any of my thoughts. They are bubbling up all the time, coming from who knows where, but I am assuming from memories and information I have gathered from external sources, like books, newspapers, magazines, etc. So I try to keep track, and to the extent that I can, sample a lot of different options.

Today’s entry is aimed to give both you and I both a snapshot into the media I’m consuming. This will take place primarily in the form of a list, but I will try to add some additional color as well if it quickly comes to mind. This information is current as of today, June 27, 2020


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – We still get this paper delivered to our family home each morning. I read the sports page, as I have since I was a kid for it’s local coverage of the Packers, Bucks, and Brewers. I will also read the local business page, and sometimes the main sections although they have been significantly scaled back over the years.

New York Times – Digital subscriber for the last 15 years. I’ve found myself reading a lot of political coverage and op-eds more recently, neither of which I consider to be a net positive for my mental health. I read the technology section and some NYT magazine stuff too. I’ve been trying to cut this subscription for over a year, but they keep lowering my monthly cost to keep me. If it goes back up next year I will likely drop.


The Economist – This is the only magazine I’m reading consistently at this point. I get it through the library in digital form, and try to spend about 2 hours a week getting through the entire thing. I rarely make it through, but always learn something and enjoy the international perspective. I also like how they don’t show any authors in the bylines!

Newsletters – My favorites, not an exhaustive list.

Stratechery – The one newsletter I am currently paying for, read every post, usually 4x per week. I am not sure if I read this because I love tech that much or because I feel like it’s table stakes for having a career in tech nowadays. But either way I do learn a lot from it.

Time To Say Goodbye – A new one about Asian-American issues. I subscribed because I like the writing of Jay Caspian Kang, and I’ve been listening to the podcast too and enjoying it.

The Diff – A finance and tech newsletter by Byrne Hobbart. I really like this one for the perspective on finance and investing. I feel like in a few issues, I have learned more about finance than I did in my finance undergrad classes. I regret not signing up for a paid subscription before the prices went up.

Remains of the Day – Eugene Wei. I read a few of his longforms and was blown away. I continue to enjoy his writing on tech and also film. This is more like a monthly newsletter.

Roden and Ridgeline – Craig Mod. Again got hooked by a piece about tech, but also enjoy his other common topics. Walking in rural Japan and book publishing. I was tempted to become a paying member upon seeing one of his ebooks that was released as a website. I was floored by how well done it was. I have a lot of respect for Craig’s commitment to detail.

Two Truths and A Take – Alex Danco’s newsletter. Fairly new addition for me, I got into it after reading Alex’s article on SaaS businesses moving to loans and debt instead of VC financing. Some of the science specific writing is over my head.

Paul Jarvis – small independent business themed newsletter.

The Knowledge Project – Farnham Street. Mental models and frameworks. Teaching yourself how to think with the aim of making better decisions.

TIm Ferriss – This really should have been number 1. The original! Tim was the first podcast I really fell for, and of course I have been on his 5-bullet Friday mailing list since the get-go.

The Bootstrapped Founder – A guy who’s writing I enjoyed from Indie Hackers. Really solid and practical advice for people trying to start a bootstrapped company.

Money Stuff – Matt Levine. Just signed up based on a recommendation, enjoyed the first edition and hope it fills the void from not being a paid subscriber to The Diff.

Ryan Holliday – monthly reading list. I was also introduced to Stoicism from Ryan, which has been extremely influential on me.

Ben Evans – weekly newsletter on tech business and the VC world. I enjoy the links he provides, always interesting and new topics for me.

Effective Altruism Newsletter – notes on research and podcasts, also a job board that I peruse and fantasize about.

The Ringer – Sports, but I don’t really open this one very much anymore. All my sports consumption is through podcasts and TV.

Podcasts – not an exhaustive list, just my frequently listened tos.

The Ezra Klein Show – I like the political coverage since it doesn’t portray events with an overly rosy outlook. I also like the variety of guests, it’s introduced me to a lot of new books.

The NYT Daily – when the topic is of interest. Like the length, usually under 30 minutes.

Tim Ferris – Not nearly as often as I once did, since there are so many more to choose from, but when the guest is right, I tune in.

Joe Rogan – Same as above, not nearly as often as before, but I still watch Rogan clips on Youtube frequently. The last full one I listened to was with Elon Musk. Before that Brett Weinstein.

All In – Chamath and Jason Calacanis. I love all things Chamath, he is an inspiration and I learn a lot from his business takes.

Invest Like The Best – Patrick O’Shaughnessy. Fairly new, but he’s had a couple great guests on there, most notably John Collison from Stripe.

Venture Stories – Erick Torenberg. Same as above. Loved the series he did with Byrne Hobbart.

Indie Hackers – Listened to many of these and love hearing the stories of real people doing it. I find a lot of them to be inspirational.

Making Sense – Sam Harris. One of my favorites from a few years ago, still love to tune-in but he’s shifted to a paid model so the content is limited.

The Bill Simmonds Show – was a favorite of mine, but started to get annoyed when Simmons started speaking like he was some type of tech and media guru.

Pardon My Take – took a lot of my Simmonds / sports pod attention. I find the hosts to be funny most of the time, but sometimes a little too obnoxious.

Ryen Rusillo – The perfect compromise for me between Simmons and Pardon My Take. The NFL Season was particularly good when he had Chris Long as his analyst.

Dissect – I listened to all of the first four seasons. I have not done the Tyler The Creator or Beyonce seasons yet, might jump back in for Lemonaide. Gave me a new appreciation for music, I was just listening at the surface level.

Pomp – Anthony Pompiliano. Similar to the other tech podcasts. When there’s an interesting guest I’ll listen.

Broken Record – Another music themed podcast with Rick Rubin. I listened for Andre 3000, Tame Impala, and Rza.

Favorite Twitter Personalities – I am going to keep this short, lots of overlap with the podcasts section.

Naval – all-time number one, although Chamath might now be in contention. I have basically followed his reading and general life recommendations to a tee sine hearing for the first time on Tim Ferris a few years ago.

Paul Graham – like reading his quips here, and essays on the blog.

Whalid Mohhamed – comedian. Saw some of his vines, always had me cracking up.

Websites – my daily visits

ESPN – although, I am really slowing down on ESPN time.

Techmeme – tech news

Gamesindustry.biz – video games news

Venturebeat – video game news

Hypebeast. – sneakers and fashion.

Reddit – starterkits, curlyhair, milwaukee, stoicism, wallstreetbets, mkebucks

Airtable – for a media database I update daily

Books – what I read last, what I’m currently reading, what I’m planning to read next (3). all time favorite.

Just finished – The Education of an Idealist – Samatha Power

Currently Reading – White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo

Next – How Innovation Works – Matt Ridley, Permanent Record – Edward Snowden

All Time Favorite – Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

TV – Channels I watch daily. Favorite Shows

MSNBC, ESPN, CNBC, Netflix or Hulu, or HBO

I watch MSNBC at lunch daily, I am trying to ween myself off and switch over to financial news on CNBC.

I watch ESPN at lunch – guilty pleasure is First Take. Big Stephen A fan. I watched the entire Last Dance series on ESPN recently as well.

I currently have access to Hulu and Netflix. I try to keep only one paid streaming site going at a time, then switch every few months. I just switched off HBO. I am looking for a new streaming show, and debating whether or not I should try Twin Peaks or if it might be too far out there for me.

I watch the networks with my parents. They watch local news 2-3 times a day, primarily for the weather. They also watch some of the bigger network shows – Blue Bloods is the perennial favorite, Bull, and All Rise are also favorites.

They also watch Sling Media where they access Indian broadcast networks. They watch movies, soap operas, and variety shows like Indian Idol. In either Hindi or Punjabi.

Music – genres, group I’ve listened to the most according to Spotify, last album listened to.

Genres – Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Jazz, a little bit of electronic more recently.

Most Listened to Band – The Grateful Dead. In the top 2% of Dead streamers world wide in 2019.

Last Album I listened to – Khruangbin – Mordechai

1756 Words. 55 Minutes.

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