What’s The Point of This Again?

I need to remind myself of the goals of this project, or I fear that it will turn into a free for all. Not to say that it wouldn’t be compelling content, but there would be no theme or organizing principle. I realized this yesterday, and earlier this morning when I was thinking about what I should write about today. It’s Day 2 and I am already starting to get nervous about having nothing to say – uh-oh! But, if I create an outline and schedule, I am hopeful that this anxiety will fade. There are obviously many, many things I can ramble on about, I just want to make sure I am picking the right ones. So to begin today, I want to reiterate (to myself) why I’m doing this. Apologies for this section being a little redundant for those of you who read my post yesterday.

What am I doing?

I am committing to writing for an hour a day, for 30 straight days. Started yesterday, June 19, 2020. Everything I write will be posted to my blog (amardeepa.com), and I plan to do some self-promotion on Twitter.

What’s the point / why?

  1. I want to build out a library of content for people I don’t know, or people I have fallen out of touch with to get a sense of who I am, what I think about, what’s important to me, and how I write. Proof of work in some ways.
  2. I want to use this project to improve the quality of my writing. I am a little too long-winded right now. I want to be concise, and respect the time of my readers.
  3. I want to use this project to get more comfortable putting my thoughts and words out in public, and sharing. I have been extremely reluctant to do this in the past for a couple reasons (see yesterday’s entry for more specifics).
  4. I want to see how much output I can produce in 30 days / 30 hours, and see if there is any dollar value for it. This was not included yesterday, but I was thinking it would be cool if I could generate $300 through this project somehow. That would be a rate of $10 per hour. I need to think this through a bit more.
  5. After I have this library, I want to reach out, or reconnect with people. I will send them links to my writing so they can see what I’m all about before deciding whether or not they want to engage. Maybe this is a long series of ice-breakers?
  6. I want to use the entries to get back into more active management of my personal website. Figure out how to track engagement and traffic stats, and also how to manage the design. Getting too far ahead, but maybe figure out how to integrate Stripe, develop an informed opinion on Ghost vs. WordPress, etc.

What do I not want this to become?

  1. My daily journal. I keep one of those too, but I don’t see any reason to share my real-time analysis of the trials and tribulations of everyday life. And I also don’t want to write about other friends and family who have not consented in any way.
  2. Reactions to news and daily events. I am a little conflicted on this one since I do believe there is value in people seeing how I interpret and process things real time, but I absolutely don’t want to get anywhere near politics.

What sites and / or people would you like to emulate?

  1. Paul Graham – for some reason PG comes to mind immediately. More specifically his personal blog – paulgraham.com. He writes about a lot of different topics, and also has a strong twitter presence. He avoids talking about the banalities of day-to-day life, but sometimes will provide commentary tying back to bigger trends of philosophy.
  2. Patrick Mckenzie – I don’t know if he maintains a blog, but I like how he engages with others on twitter. He is extremely generous with his thoughts and advice, and seems genuinely interested in engaging with normal people. Works for Stripe which is a company I have a lot of appreciate for. Patio11 on Twitter.
  3. I am struggling to come up with more which is surprising, since I must be subscribed to 50+ newsletters and follow a ton of people on Twitter too, all of which have interesting things to say. Maybe the reason why I’m struggling to come up with more names is because all of those people are writing about specific subject matter. Tech, politics, sports, etc. I am not sure if I want to lock myself into one topic. Or maybe better, I don’t know what my one topic would be.

What do I want to produce, and in what order? Each one of these entries should be 1 hour or day.

  1. 1 Hour bio – my life story, written in one hour.
  2. My genetic baseline – Myers Briggs and Ocean. Leverage my old entry to show people what I’m working with.
  3. Self-assessment – things I’m doing well, and things I’m not doing well. Ned to think about this and see how I can avoid getting too personal and sharing too many details.
  4. How I spend my time – time macros, using the design your life principles.
  5. Top Line priorities and values – perhaps I should write this before the time entry since it informs my time allocations?
  6. Interests – Media
  7. Interests – Web
  8. Interests – Business
  9. Work – working, fire, now thinking about working again. Why, and what are the different options available? What do I ultimately want to get out of work besides a little extra money and killing time?
  10. Insecurities – I need to think about this. It would be useful perspective for others who don’t know me, but maybe too personal?
  11. Writing prompt – favorite places
  12. Writing prompt – why not be a nihilist?
  13. Writing prompt – is peace of mind attainable?
  14. Writing prompt – am I overly-dependent on routine, and is that a bad thing?
  15. Writing prompt – is self-improvement an arsonist disguised as a fire-fighter?
  16. Writing prompt – are the things you hate the most things you secretly like a love?
  17. Writing prompt – art, why I think it’s so useful now?
  18. Writing prompt – identity. What do I see as the major components of mine.
  19. Writing prompt – judgement. Why does fear of judgement affect me so much?
  20. Writing prompt – paralysis by analysis?
  21. Writing prompt – I am realizing that I am not unique.
  22. Writing prompt – do I have any original thoughts?
  23. Writing prompt – am I a minimalist or am I poor?
  24. Writing prompt – status symbols and peacocking.
  25. Writing prompt – is there such a thing as wasted time?
  26. Writing prompt – do I have any idea of what I really want?
  27. Writing prompt – does anything matter?
  28. Writing prompt – would I be worse off if I took in a lot less information?
  29. Writing prompt – I worry about money a lot.
  30. Writing prompt – being different things to different people or to different situations.
  31. Writing prompt – compartmentalization (might be redundant with the above)
  32. Writing prompt – what would happen if I was completely honest about everything?
  33. Writing prompt – can you will yourself into being more optimistic or outgoing?

Ok, that’s a good starting point. I think the next five days or so should follow the script above, and we can always revise the prompts themselves, the order, etc. I do like the idea of having topics though, since it will be easier to promote on social (Jesus that made me shudder a little. I am in denial but I think I have a bent towards sales and marketing), and the content is evergreen, so it can stay up forever.

The other thing I want to take note of is whether I should be looking to incorporate images, videos, gifs, etc into these entries. Words only could get a little dry maybe? I suppose it comes down to my opinion – do I prefer reading articles that splice in other forms of media? I’m not that. I do, and I rarely click on an embedded YouTube video. Sometimes I would click on a gif or instagram video just because I know they would be faster. I’ll think about it, but for now the answer is no.

Ok, thanks for reading and I will be back tomorrow! 1456 Words. 52 Minutes.

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