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I thought it might be useful to provide you – my followers – with some objective measures of my personality. The deeply engrained traits which color the way I look at the world and react to it. Specifically I thought this would be useful as you think about the best ways to approach me and think about the best ways to harness my unique set of skills.

With that said, please see below:

  • Myers Briggs Personality Type
  • Big Five Results

Myers Briggs Results

Drumroll………….. INTJ

I can’t find the results of the test unfortunately, but in terms of extremes, introversion and thinking. Intuition and judgement were more moderate.

I have seen many people debunk this test and I haven’t done enough research on it myself to hold a strong opinion. What I have seen and read about the limitations made me a little weary. So take the paragraphs below, which I ripped from an MBTI website ( with a grain of salt.


2% of the population (of the US I’m assuming but not sure)

Strengths – Quick, Imaginative, Strategic. High Self-Confidence. Hard-Working and Determined.

Weaknesses – Arrogant. Judgmental. Overly Analytical. Clueless in Romance.

Fictional villains are often modeled after this personality type. 🙁

Famous INTJs – Elon Musk, Nietzche, Vladimir Putin, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Colin Powell.

OCEAN / Big 5 Results

I found less criticism of the Big 5 personalty test than I have of the MBTI. When I first took this one I was pretty shocked by how blunt the assessment was. It staggered me a little to be honest, and left me feeling some self-pity. Nothing’s my fault, I’m stuck with this personality! Once I got over the initial disappointment I came back to my senses and came to the conclusion that it’s better to know, whether or not I am thrilled with the results. And I should focus on figuring out the best way to work with what I have, versus moaning about how I wish I had other things. There’s some ancient wisdom for you. Thanks Stoics. My results are below.

O – 45%

C – 75%

E – 22%

A – 5%

N – 97%

Agreeableness 5%– I am very low in agreeableness. Stubborn, dominant, harsh, skeptical, competitive. This trait can be further broken into two aspects: compassion and politeness.

Compassion 5%– I am very low in compassion. I am less orientated to the problems of others.

Politeness 12%– I am low in politeness. Not deferential to authority, not obedient.

Conscientiousness 75%– I am moderately high in conscientiousness, the primary dimension of dutiful achievement. I work reasonably hard and don’t waste time. I would make a competent manager or administrator. Committed to the idea of personal responsibility. Two aspects: Industriousness and orderliness.

Industriousness 56%– I am average in industriousness. Basically a 50/50 – Usually do your duty, but sometimes put things off.

Orderliness 84%– I am high in orderliness. Dislike mess and chaos. Can be a negative when working in creative spaces, where chaos and disruption are needed to do something new.

Extraversion 22%– I am moderately low in extraversion, the positive driver of positive emotion. I am high in introversion is another way of putting it. Not particularly talkative or gregarious. Find excessive social contact draining and tiring. Less optimistic about the past, present, and future. Two aspects: Enthusiasm and Assertiveness.

Enthusiasm 6%– I am very low in enthusiasm. Quiet and un-excitable. Difficult for others to get to know. Tend to talk only about things that you find exceptionally interesting. Prefer solitude.

Assertiveness 58%– I am typical in assertiveness.

Neuroticism 92%– I am very high in neuroticism, which is the primary dimension of negative emotion. Unhappy, anxious, and irritable when thinking or remembering. Can interfere with relationships and career. More focused on maintaining current status than enhancing it. Two aspects: withdrawal and volatility.

Withdrawal 76%– I am moderately high in withdrawal. Higher than average levels of anticipatory anxiety – causing one to avoid or withdraw from the unknown. More likely to feel sad, lonesome, disappointed, and grief-stricken. Once hurt or frightened, it can take longer to recover.

Emotional Volatility 97%– I have exceptionally high emotional volatility. Can be easily stirred up, and once agitated can take a long time to calm down. Can be argumentative and can lose composure easily.

Openness To Experience 45%– I am typical in openness to experience, the primary dimension of creativity, artistic interest and intelligence. As smart and creative as others. Normal range of interests and a reasonable vocabulary. Can adopt well to situations and occupations that are routinized and predictable. Two aspects: Intellect and Openness.

Intellect 60%– I have moderate intellect. Not in an IQ sense, but in terms of interest in abstract ideas.

Openness 32%– I am moderately low in openness. Closest synonym for openness is creativity. People low in openness do not find beauty particularly important. Less imaginative. Quite stable and conventional. At least moderate levels of openness tend to be necessary for entrepreneurial success.

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