What Type Of Content Should I Feature?

So now that we have the general parameters for the blog down, let’s discuss what I should write about. It feels funny to write as if there is someone else on the other side of the conversation. I’m really just writing to myself.

I have a couple of ideas that I know would be good for the site for the following reasons:

  1. The follow a template, which makes it easier to format and update. The timeframe can either be a day, a few days, or a week depending on how thirsty ya’ll are for content.
  2. These types of content will allow me to keep track of things I want to keep track of. I think this will be pretty cool if I can be consistent with it.
  3. If there are ever one-offs I want to address, the main purpose would be to help me clarify my thinking about specific topics.

What I am a little unsure about is how to keep the page organized, and to keep archives. For example, I would like to pin my first post to the top of my blog page, but I don’t know how to do that. That is where getting more proficient at managing a page comes in. As I begin to generate more content, I will have to get more competent at organizing it. #content management

Going back to the recurring half-joke on this being a personal branding project, the info I plan to produce should give a visitor a pretty good snapshot of where I’m at and what I’m doing. So this really is a blog / personal branding project, which is funny actually, since I’ve hated on social media and people being desperate to be seen online. I’m doing it now so I guess it can’t be that bad.

Here are my initial ideas for content. I hope to start generating these posts over the course of the next week. I am committed to spending at a minimum an hour / day working on this.

  1. What are my current priorities – this should span both my personal and professional lives. List format. Pinned to the sidebar
  2. What are my interests at the moment? The interests should line up with how I use my time.
  3. My online media diet – albums, podcasts, books, blogs, video. Keep a consistent format where I log what I consume online.
  4. Digital subscriptions – listed with prices
  5. My current positions on major political issues.
  6. Things that are bothering, confusing, or worrying me.

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