General – What This Page is For, What to Expect.

I was only half-joking withe the headline of this site being a case study in personal branding. The joking half relates to a lot of what I see happening on social media, where people seem to be cultivating a type of image / brand that doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. I’m not a fan of this type of branding – it’s fake and shallow. But there are some people who manage to be themselves, speak freely, and are willing to take whatever comes with it whether that’s good or bad. Undoubtedly the responses and feedback will be mixed since there is such a wide array of personalities, perspectives, etc out there. I admire this type of courage, even more so if the person exhibiting it is willing to take in the feedback and when they see fit use it to adjust their views. There isn’t much real benefit to be completely enamored with your own thoughts and beliefs.

So, I want to be authentic to myself to the greatest extent possible here, and pretend that I am only writing for myself. And it’s more than likely that no one else is ever going to stumble on this page, so I feel pretty secure with my approach. But if anyone does, or if I read / see / hear anything that resonates and causes me to revise positions I’ve had in the past, I want to reserve the right to do so. I feel like people get stuck defending stuff they’ve done and said in the past because they want to stay consistent with their past-self even if it doesn’t make sense anymore (Cialdini).

In writing that, I feel like I may have built up a lot of drama – what types of controversial topics is this guy going to cover?!?! Probably none. Maybe I’ll change my opinion on a movie or album. Maybe I’ll want to revise my characterizations of events or others. I don’t have much of a desire to write about politics or international relations because I don’t feel like I have strong opinions on any of them. But I may touch on the specific issues feeding into politics (USA centric, gun control, healthcare, tax, etc) to help organize my own thoughts.

So this page will be a running list of things that I am doing, and things that I am thinking about. I want to archive it and keep it stored here. I consider this page to be my homestead in the digital world. Maybe 100 wooded acres in the middle of nowhere. Nearest neighbor a few miles away. Infrequent visitors and traffic. My own little country. Maybe I’ll design a flag.

In terms of other ancillary goals for this page, besides building my personal brand, self-expression, and advertising revenue, I want to use this page to build out some rudimentary skills in webpage management using WordPress and also to work on my writing for about an hour a day.

I also reserve the right to change my approach at any time after I collect a few months of data on traffic and stickiness. Building a personal brand online requires optimization after all. #optimization

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